GVS 20-300

Atlas Copco’s range of oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps, the GVS 20-300, brings all the advantages of the reliable oil-sealed vane technology to the general industry

Why now GVS instead of GV?

We increased our portfolio of vacuum pumps and introduced the GVD double (or dual) stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps to the market. That is the reason why we now call our single-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps GVS.

The GVS’s oil-sealed rotary vane technology ensures a clean and efficient supply of vacuum between 20 and 365 m³/h. These capacities are ideal for applications such as (meat) packaging, woodworking, rubber and plastics, paper and printing, electronics and material handling.

The GVS 20-300 does not only offer robust technology, these vacuum pumps also come with innovative, integrated functions.

  • Built-in gas ballast, to assist water vapour handling
  • Lubricant retention and return mechanism, to allow continuous operation between 400mbar(a) and the pump’s ultimate pressure
  • Oil separation circuit design for optimal oil management
  • Inlet non-return valve to protect your pump and your process
  • Air intake filter for protection against dust and solid ingress
  • With washable filter cartridge

Other benefits of the GVS 20-300:

  • Compact and delivered easy to install
  • Low maintenance and wear, thanks to optimal shaft speeds
  • Low noise and vibration levels

We are constantly working on improvements on our existing vacuum pumps. As a result we are introducing the new design for the oil-sealed rotary vane pumps GVS 40-60 & GVS 100-150.

What are the improvements?

On the GVS 40-150:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Introduction of switchable gas ballast
  • Humid version available for high water handling capacity

On the whole range GVS 20-300:

  • Synthetic oil as standard instead of mineral oil, allowing increasing time between service intervals

On the GVS 300:

  • now IE 3 Motor is standard

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