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Using the latest logging technology, we will visit your factory and carry out a full in-depth investigation into the way your production process uses compressed air.  We will then compile and produce a report and offer recommendation on ways to improve the energy efficiency, reduce the servicing costs and improve the reliability of the equipment, thus leading to a direct increase in your company profits.

Compressed air plays a fundamental role in your production process and as the operation is continuous the supply of high quality, reliable compressed air is both critical and costly.

With this in mind, Anglian Compressors and Equipment Limited has developed a number of tools that are designed to identify ways to reduce your operating costs.

It is not generally recognised that compressed air represents approximately 10% of all industrial electricity usage and is present on virtually all industrial sites.  It is however generally recognised that most compressed air systems operate very inefficiently and savings of up to 40% of the annual operating costs can be achieved, by a number of methods.

Typically these are:-

  • by identifying and repairing air leaks
  • by identifying the inefficient use of the compressed air
  • by identifying inefficient equipment producing the compressed air
  • by showing that the air sytem is operating at to high a pressure
  • by showing that the pipework system is poorly designed or undersized pipe-work system

Traditionally compressors have been purchased based on either purchase cost, or association with existing suppliers.  With current energy costs increasing and government taxation on energy there is a far greater need to take the energy efficient option as the prime consideration.

In most compressed air systems we find, the energy cost over a single year can be up to 150% of the capital purchase price of the installed compressor, so savings of up to 40% per year on electrical energy can be substantial.

The survey that we will carry out will establish the operating pattern of your compressed air system over a typical 7-day period.  With the collected data we can analyse the system operation and make recommendations, which will improve your system reliability and efficiency.

Method of Investigation

The type of equipment that may have been used to carry out monitoring and logging of your system

Site Survey 1


Mass flow measurement meter


Site Survey 2


Leak detection equipment



Power meter iitrack’s


Site Survey 4


Compressor load logger box (ME BOX)


Below we have illustrated the air flow over a typical system over the measurement period.

Site Survey Graph


Benefits from the survey are:-

  1. A clear understanding of your compressed air usage
  2. A potential understanding of the amount of air being wasted on air leaks
  3. A factual analysis of how to reduce the compressed air production costs

Below is a sample of the type of data that can be obtained.

Existing system

12345689Total System
Compressor information4556075------------------
FAD (1/s)153.8146.3------------------298.1
Unload Power (kW)16.415.2------------------
Load Power (kW)6863------------------
Unload Pressure (Bar)7.57.3------------------
Load Pressure76.8------------------
Loaded Time (hrs/wk)79.40------------------
Unloaded Time (hr.wk)97.60.6------------------
Energy Loaded (kWh)47860------------------
Energy Unloaded (kWh)467111------------------
Annual cost to produce compressed air @ £0.055 per kWh (Loaded)£13,682£0------------------£13,391
Annual wasted energy costs @ £0.055 per kWh unit (Unloaded)£13,359£31.5------------------£13,391
Total costs£27,073

By using our simulation software we can show the following, the system air generation costs can be reduced by the installation of new energy efficient equipment

Simulated system

1234568Total System
Compressor informationGA55VSD
FAD (1/s)172------------------172
Unload Power (kW)---------------------
Load Power (kW)---------------------
Unload Pressure (Bar)---------------------
Load Pressure (Bar)7.0------------------
Loaded Time (hrs/wk)168------------------
Unloaded Time (hr.wk)0------------------
Energy Loaded (kWh)4589------------------
Energy Unloaded (kWh)0------------------
Annual cost to produce compressed air @ £0.055 per kWh (Loaded)£13,125------------------£13,125
Annual wasted energy costs @ £0.055 per kWh unit (Unloaded)0------------------£0
Total costs£13,125

This then gives us an accurate energy saving that could be obtained by carrying out our recommendations; in this case £13,948 could be achieved every year

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