Enhanced Capital Allowance Claim Values

Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECA) are a financial incentive to help businesses investing in low carbon technology.  Subject to meeting the required conditions, enhanced capital allowances permit the full cost of the investment in specified technologies to be relieved for tax purposes against the taxable income of the period of investments.  This brings forward the tax relief, so that it can be set against profits earlier than would otherwise be the case.  The benefit to businesses is a cash flow boost resulting from the reduction of the business’s tax bill for that year.

This scheme is funded from revenue raised by the Climate Change Levy.  All businesses, regardless of their size, location or industrial sector, are eligible to claim enhanced capital allowance.

With reference to the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme we detail below the claim values applicable to our products.

Single Speed Motors

The following table identifies the GA, ZT and AQ compressors that incorporate single speed motors and whether those motors appear on the Energy Technology List. All the motors are listed under Siemens Automation and Drives as the manufacturer.

ModelMotor Rating kWNumber of PolesMotor Efficiency %Efficiency RatingECA Energy Tech ListSiemens Product NameECA Claim Value
GA55.5288.6EFF 1Yes1 LA9 130£704
GA77.5289.5EFF 1Yes1 LA9 131£842
GA11C11290.5EFF 1No1 LA7 139£0
GA1111290.5EFF 1Yes1 LA9 163£1,260
GA1515291.3EFF 1Yes1 LA9 164£1,498
GA1818.5291.8EFF 1Yes1 LA9 166£1,744
GA2222292.2EFF 1Yes1 LA7 169£2,112
GA30C30292.9EFF 1Yes1 LA5 189
GA3030292.9EFF 1Yes1 LA5 189
GA3737293.3EFF 1No1 LA5 209
GA4545293.7EFF 1No1 LA9 209
GA55C55294.0EFF 1Yes1 LA9 228
GA5555294.0EFF 1Yes1 LA9 228
GA7575294.6EFF 1Yes1 LA9 258
G90C90295.0EFF 1Yes1 LA9 259
ZT1515291.3EFF 1Yes1 LA9 164
ZT1818.5291.8EFF 1Yes1 LA9 166
ZT2222292.2EFF 1Yes1 LA9 169
ZT3030292.9EFF 1Yes1 LA5 189
ZT3737293.3EFF 1No1 LA5 209
ZT4545293.7EFF 1No1 LA9 209
AQ3030292.9EFF 1Yes1 LA5 189
AQ3737293.3EFF 1No1 LA5 209
AQ4545293.7EFF 1No1 LA9 209
AQ5555294.0EFF 1Yes1 LA9 228

Whilst the 11kw, 37kW and 45kW motors meet the efficiency criteria for ECA’s they are not presently listed and hence cannot be claimed. We are in the process of applying for these motors to be added to the Energy Technology List.

Variable Speed Drives

The following table identifies GA, ZT & AQ VSD compressors that incorporate variable speed drives which appear on the Energy Technology List. The drives are listed with Atlas Copco Compressors as the manufacturer.

Variable Speed Drives
ModelDrive Rating kWECA Energy Technology ListECA Claim Value

Not only will these products provide energy savings but they will also enable the customer to claim 100% of the claim values in the first year.

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