Compressor Control Systems


Limit costs for the best return on investment

A properly managed compressed air network will save energy, reduce maintenance, decrease downtime, increase production and improve product quality. Atlas Copco’s ES central controllers are the most efficient way to monitor and control multiple compressors simultaneously as well as dryers and filters.

An ES controller offers one central point of control for your whole compressed air network, ensuring all compressors provide optimum performance for your process. The result is a completely dependable and energy efficient network, giving you peace of mind and keeping your costs to a minimum.



SMARTLINK – connecting the world


SMARTLINK provides you with a complete insight of your compressed air production. It helps to predict potential problems (and thus anticipate them); and shows how and where production can be optimised and energy can be saved.

SMARTLINK has 3 levels of functionality, allowing you to tailor the system to match your needs.

  • SMARTLINK – Service
  • SMARTLINK – Uptime
  • SMARTLINK – Energy

SMARTLINK – Service which enables you to easily schedule maintenance visits you have an overview of machine data and the time left before a service is due. The service log book is always just one click away and the online link with us allows you to request and receive quotes for spare parts or additional services quickly.

SMARTLINK – Uptime allows you to be informed by email or SMS message if there is a problem with your compressed air production. Based on this information the necessary actions can be taken to avoid the risk of a breakdown. It is possible to visit the website at any time and see the actual warning/shutdown status of the machines as well as a history of previous notifications.

SMARTLINK – Energy enables the continuous monitoring and analysis of the energy efficiency of your compressor room. You can defines the performance indicators (such as air pressure) and the benchmarks and immediate improvements can be made when needed. The results can be used for energy monitoring according to ISO50001.


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