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After compressing the air, the concentration of particles and moisture increases. This creates an abrasive mixture that can cause extensive damage.

Instruments and tools can malfunction, spray painting and breathing air can be rendered unusable, maintenance costs will increase and products will be spoiled.

The range of Atlas Copco’s DD – PD – DDp and QD filters, when used in the correct combinations, will provide high quality air from 10 to 7200 l/s at nominal working conditions

DD range:

Coalescing and particulate filters for general purpose protection, removing liquid water and oil aerosol to 0.1 mg/m (0.1 ppm) and particles down to 1 micron.

DDp range:

Particulate filters for dust protection, removing particles down to 1 micron.

PD range:

High efficiency coalescing and particulate filters, removing liquid water, oil aerosol to 0.01 mg/m (0.01 ppm) and particles down to 0.01 micron.

QD range:

Active carbon filter for removal of oil vapours and hydrocarbon odours with a maximum remaining oil content of 0.003 mg/m (0.003 ppm) to be installed after a PD filter.

Filters Dual

Standard Options

Atlas Copco has developed a perfectly matched filter system, which reduces all types of contamination right down to your individual requirements.

Some applications may need or may benefit from additional options and more refined control and air treatment systems. Tailored to your needs, Atlas Copco has developed standard options and easily integrated compatible equipment providing the lowest cost compressed air.

1. Voltage-free contact

Mounted in the differential pressure gauge, to give remote indication of cartridge replacement.

2. Serial connection kit

Allows easy mounting of filter in series, available for filter size 10+ up to 550+

3. Wall mounting kit

Simplify installation, available for filter size 10+ up to 550+

4. Quick coupling

For easy connection to drain collector or oil water separator, available for filter size 10+ up to 550+

5. Electronic Water Drain

  • Self cleaning mode

  • Potential free alarm contact

  • Activates if function is interrupted

  • Key component in an air system

  • Takes out the condensate from the filter without any loss of compressed air

6. Differential pressure gauge

  • With dual face, allows filter installation in any position

  • Indicates the optimum replacement time

  • Sizes 10 – 35+ equipped with pressure differential indicator (pop-up type)

  • Voltage-free contact for remote indication (optional).

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