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The critical field of patient care requires clean air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability. The MED series’ unique multi-stage filtration converts regular compressed air from any type of compressor into internationally certified breathing air. The MED simultaneously provides clean air to power surgical air tools with maximum efficiency.

Assured reliability

Built to exacting standards, the MED series is engineered to provide certified breathing air even in areas with high ambient pollution. The MED ensures high air quality in ‘worst case’ but real life pollution scenarios. With the assurance of worldwide after-sales service from Atlas Copco, the MED series offers the complete solution for critical air environments.

Certified quality

Pre-certified to international regulations including Pharmacopoeia and quality norms such as ISO 13485, the MED series meets medical air requirements. Pre-certification simplifies organization and inspection by regulatory bodies, saving the hospital time and money and minimizing downtime until full system certification is obtained.

Compact operation

The MED series, with its small footprint and integrated design, fits into any space or setting. The MED comes pre-assembled and ready for use–ensuring minimal installation time and costs.

Built-in reliability – Total reliability in air quality

A dependable flow of air is essential in medical environments. The MED is engineered and tested to provide clean air in polluted environments such as cities and industrial areas.

Medi Air Units

Trouble free installation

The MED comes pre-assembled to provide simple installation. The integrated design minimises installation errors and costs.

Ease of maintenance and global support

Durable engineering creates longer maintenance intervals to save time and servicing costs. The MED series can also come with the dedicated global back-up of the Atlas Copco worldwide service network. All of the MED series are provided in line with MDD93/42/CE, requiring suppliers to perform critical updates to the unit if required.

Complete compliance

Today’s medical arena is more regulated than ever. This increased certification can be costly and time-consuming. Atlas Copco’s MED unit is pre-certified to simplify your certification process on installation. Atlas Copco and the MED meet the following directives and norms which also provides compliance with MDD93/42/CE:

Medi Air Certs

  • Legislation’s and directives pharmacopoeia : Atlas Copco is a supplier of Medical Devices
  • Technical norms : EN737, ISO 14971
  • Quality norms : ISO 13485

Standard options – Optimize Monitoring

  • Atlas Copco provides a range of options to improve monitoring of the MED series to ensure complete peace of mind: Potential free contact on filter gauges
  • Dual channel transmitter on filter gauges
  • Electronic no waste drain (EWD) on filters and water separator with alarm signal
  • Gas sensors for CO, C0 2 , 0 2 , SO x , No x
  • Pressure dew point sensor
  • Power failure alarm
  • High and low pressure alarm
  • High ambient

Optimize energy use

  • Pressure dew point control

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