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Ancilleries Air Cooler

TD Air-cooled after coolers

Atlas Copco TD air-cooled after coolers have an aluminium block cooling element. An electrically driven fan, shielded by a protector for user safety, forces cooling air between the fins. High cooling efficiency is combined with low energy consumption. The after cooler is mounted on a sturdy frame. A water separator is delivered as standard with the TD 25-650 coolers. The TD 08, is delivered with wall mounting brackets and incorporates a drain collector with manual drain.

Ancilleries Water Cooler

HD Water-cooled after coolers

Atlas Copco HD water-cooled after coolers are designed to combine a high level of cooling with economic water consumption. The air leaving the compressor is cooled in a group of stainless steel tubes, with the cooling water and the compressed air flowing in opposite directions. A water separator is provided with the cooler as standard. A thermometer indicates the temperature of the discharged air.

The cooling tubes are fitted with fins which give a larger surface area to improve heat transfer and create turbulence for more rapid cooling of the compressed air. The water is deflected by baffles to increase the cooling effect.

Ancilleries Air Receiver

Air receivers

Air receivers store compressed air for peak demand in excess of compressor flow rate. They increase the cooling of the compressed air and collect possible residual condensate and oil droplets.

The pressure variations in the air net will be equalised and short cycle loading and unloading of the compressor minimised.

Atlas Copco offers a full range CE and LV galvanised vertical air receivers from 120 to 6000 litres with 11, 16, 21 or 22 bar (160, 232, 305, 319 psi) options.

The CE series of air receivers are manufactured in accordance with the CE 87/404 standard. The LV range meets the requirements of T.U.V. or the A.I.B. standard.

Atlas Copco CE and LV air receivers bring you these benefits:

  • no more air pressure variation in the air net
  • cool the air and collect residual condensate and oil droplets
  • CE, T.U.V. or A.I.B. certificate
  • inside and outside surface treated: hot dip galvanised
  • delivered with pressure gauge, safety valve and drain valve.

Ancilleries Water Seperator

WSD Water separator

Made entirely of totally rustproof material, these general purpose separators feature very efficient separation by cyclone. Maintenance-free with no moving parts, they have an automatic and manual drain.

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